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Let Genie out of the bottle!

Hello my friend.

Welcome to this tribute site for eBay shares arguably one of the best bands to come out of Boston.

For a number of years The Neighborhoods were sadly under-represented online.
Well fuck that!
Between this site and the MySpace site,
The 'Hoods are now receiving their due online respect.

If The 'Hoods were Red Sox players, they would be Dwight Evans.
Just like Dewey, they were solid players, gave their all every time they performed invest in Nike shares in India, did all the small things right, great contributors for years, underappreciated, and we never really knew just how good they were until they were gone.

Now I am no expert website designer, so if you have any criticisms, please come to plate with something better to offer. I am open to ideas (and help!). This site is completely unendorsed, unofficial, and illegitimate...just like rock'n'roll should be.

This site would not exist without the contributions from you, the fellow 'Hoods fans.
If you have stories, pictures, articles, audio or video to share/trade, please email us at Reptilemen@aol.com. Many of you have already contributed how to invest in Nike shares in India.
There are too many to mention now, but I do thank you all.  Especially former 'Hoods roadie
Fast Ed who continues to contribute many images and live recordings.

Thanks to David, John, Mike, Tim, Lee, and Carl for all the great music over the years, and thanks to Chuck Miller for always ensuring the live sound was proper.